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The email marketing campaign is still one of the most effective marketing channels that you can use, But email marketing consistently delivers real results. Our email marketing service team is comprised of highly talented in-house specialists and creative services experts who are 100% dedicated to designing & beautiful, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly emails, landing pages & preference centers that will deliver the results you’re looking for in your next campaigns.

As a full-service digital marketing Agency, E2Soft Solution offers comprehensive email marketing services. Blending extraordinary technical knowledge with brilliant design marketing expertise. Email marketing is an effective way to remain in contact with us and delivery promotional messaging to your business target audience.

Email Marketing Campaign


How to email marketing campaign?

Email marketing is an email designed for an email blast. Wit this email campaigns generally intend their special offers and promotions order to drive business and increase sales. An email marketing campaign is a contemporary form of direct marketing in which customers, existing are informed of products or services from a specific company.

We are vendor-freedom, meaning we work with a wide range of email marketing software applications, including MailChimp, DotMailer, Silverpop, Eloqua, and more. The email marketing experts at E2Soft Solution will work with you to improve your current email campaigns help you to get started using them as part of your digital strategy.


The benefits of an email marketing campaign

With HTML email marketing design to email sending, we will look after your email marketing campaign. We have the proper equipment in the company along with trained staff that is ready on 7/24. E2Soft Solution winning combined of speed ease of use, affordability & effectiveness work to create our email marketing campaign service an ideal solution for any sized business. Email marketing is especially useful when you need to send out thousands of emails. We are all time ready for your email marketing campaign. Please Contact Us, If you need an email marketing campaign.

The Post-Purchase Drip

This is an email series that is not necessary for sale but is provided as a natural follow-up to a purchase. I think post-purchase drip is just a brilliant email marketing campaign. I really see these and I don’t know Why.

Suppose I bought a special new gadget for my kitchen. An intelligent email marketing campaign can use automated email marketing to send emails that reinforce the decision of both purchase and new brand loyalty.

From a new sensitive point of view, it creates trust and joy among customers because you are already paying the after-sales price. For example, email marketing can give me tips on how to clean and take care of gadgets. But there is still room for up-selling and cross-selling in each of these email marketing. The next email campaign could be a recipe using the gadget… etc.

Email Marketing Campaign Services


The Re-Engagement Campaign

A re-employment campaign is a series of emails sent to inactive customers.

Email list churning rate is about 25-30% per year. It’s normal, people change emails, change company names – it’s part of the industry. A re-employment campaign seeks to address this fact.

Suppose a part of your list has not opened an email for more than 6 months. Your rescheduling campaign is an attempt to determine if a) these customers can be recalled or b) they may be re-employed and if your email list is not clear.

Why remove them from your list? Because they weigh less, and because you’re not opening your email or attaching to it, they can affect your reputation in the eyes of the ISP and therefore your delivery rate.


What to Keep in Mind…

One thing we need to mention before you start implementing these campaigns is: there will be email marketing campaigns that need to be adjusted based on the recipient’s actions, otherwise you run the risk of being too annoying.

Here’s an example: Suppose we’re marketing a conference. We plan to send five emails before the conference to run the registration. Once a recipient registers for the conference, we must remove them from the list! We told them “Register today!” Don’t want to send it. Email once they are registered, right? They have to go to a different list, a list of registered participants.

This warning doesn’t apply often, but I’ve noticed that people get annoyed when they don’t stop receiving messages even after following a call to action, so be careful.

Remember, a campaign is rarely – if ever – a one-time email. It is a strategic, systematic way to reach a potential, customer or customer more than once. So pick a campaign idea or think of a few marketing ideas of your own and get an email!

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